LG 43LM6300 - 43-inch Full HD LED Smart TV

Display Size‎:‎ 43 inch Panel Backlight‎:‎ LED Resolution‎:‎ Full HD ‎(‎1920 x 1080‎)‎ Connectivity‎:‎ 3 x HDMI‎,‎ 2 x USB‎,‎ LAN Features‎:‎ webOS Smart TV‎,‎ Wi‎-Fi Built‎-In USB Multimedia Player

7,370 ج.م 6,999 ج.م

حالة السلعة غير متاح

كود المنتج 08-001-00736

A New Level of Full‎-HD

A full HD screen delivers more accurate images in stunning resolution and vivid color‎.‎


Dynamic Color Enhancer

The advanced image processor adjusts color for richer‎,‎ more natural images‎.‎ Enjoy the beauty of nature’s true colors on your TV screen‎.‎


Quad Core Processor‎:‎ The Origin of Lifelike Images

Four fast‎,‎ accurate processors eliminate noise and create more dynamic color and contrast‎.‎ Low‎-resolution images are up‎-scaled and reproduced as sharper‎,‎ more vivid images‎.‎


Active HDR for Incredible Detail

Active HDR optimizes every scene‎,‎ delivering delicate detail and rich color‎.‎ The multi‎-HDR format‎,‎ including HDR10 and HLG‎,‎ coupled with LG’s dynamic scene‎-by‎-scene adjustment technology‎,‎ lets you enjoy any video content in amazing HDR quality‎.‎


DTS Virtual‎:‎X‎:‎ Adding Another Dimension to Sound

You will enjoy rich‎,‎ flawless‎,‎ multi‎-dimensional audio as the built‎-in speakers on your TV deliver sound from all angles‎.‎


Dolby Audio™‎:‎ A Movie‎-like Sound Experience

Experience clearer‎,‎ more immersive theater‎-quality sound at home with the Dolby Audio on your TV‎.‎


The New Smart Evolved by AI‎.‎

With LG ThinQ AI‎,‎ so many things become possible with just your voice‎.‎ Keep the dialogue going with conversational voice recognition and get recommendations for customized based on your watching habits‎.‎


Choose‎,‎ Connect‎,‎ and Enjoy

By connecting your USB or external hard drive‎,‎ you can enjoy almost any content on your TV‎.‎ Enjoy your favorite movie on a bigger screen in higher resolution‎.‎


Technical Specifications‎:‎



  • Screen Size‎:‎ 43‎-inch
  • Resolution‎:‎ 1920 x 1080
  • BLU Type‎:‎ Direct
  • TruMotion / Refresh Rate‎:‎ ‎- / 50 Hz

Video ‎(‎Picture Quality‎)‎

  • HDR‎:‎ Active HDR
  • HDR10 Pro‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎2K Only‎)‎
  • HLG‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎2K Only‎)‎
  • HDR Effect‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎2K Only‎)‎
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping‎:‎ HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping
  • Color Enhancer‎:‎ Dynamic Color
  • Upscaler‎:‎ Resolution Upscaler
  • Noise Reduction‎:‎ NR
  • HEVC ‎(‎Video Decoder‎)‎‎:‎ 2K@60P‎,‎ 10bit
  • VP9 ‎(‎Video Decoder‎)‎‎:‎ 2K@60P‎,‎ 10bit
  • Picture Mode‎:‎ Yes 9 modes ‎(‎Vivid‎,‎ Standard‎,‎ Eco‎,‎ Cinema‎,‎ Sports‎,‎ Game‎,‎ HDR Effect‎,‎ ‎(‎ISF‎)‎ Expert ‎(‎Bright Room‎)‎‎,‎ ‎(‎ISF‎)‎ Expert ‎(‎Dark Room‎)‎‎)‎


  • Speaker ‎(‎sound output‎)‎‎:‎ 20W‎,‎ ‎(‎10W per Channel‎)‎
  • Channel‎:‎ 2.0ch
  • Direction‎:‎ Down Firing
  • Simultaneous Audio Output‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎Optical Output or HP Support Model‎)‎
  • DTS Virtual‎:‎ X‎:‎ Yes
  • One Touch Sound Tuning‎:‎ TV installation type
  • Surround Mode‎:‎ DTS Virtual‎:‎ X
  • Clear Voice‎:‎ Clear Voice III
  • LG Sound Sync‎:‎ Yes
  • Bluetooth Audio Playback‎:‎ Yes
  • DTS Decoder‎:‎ Yes
  • Audio Codec‎:‎ AC3‎(‎Dolby Digital‎)‎‎,‎ EAC3‎,‎ HE‎-AAC‎,‎ AAC‎,‎ MP2‎,‎ MP3‎,‎ PCM‎,‎ DTS‎,‎ DTS‎-HD‎,‎ DTS Express‎,‎ WMA‎,‎ apt‎-X

AI Function

  • ThinQ‎:‎ Ready
  • Intelligent Voice Recognition‎:‎ Ready
  • Speech to Text‎:‎ Ready
  • LG Voice Search‎:‎ Ready
  • AI UX‎:‎ Yes
  • AI Home‎:‎ Yes
  • AI Recommendation/AI‎:‎ Yes
  • Intelligent Edit‎:‎ Yes
  • Home Dashboard‎:‎ Yes
  • Auto Device Detection‎:‎ Ready
  • Mobile Connectivity‎:‎ Yes
  • LG TV Plus App‎:‎ Yes
  • Smart ThinQ App‎:‎ Yes


  • Screen Share‎:‎ Yes
  • HDMI‎:‎ 2 ‎(‎Rear‎)‎ / 1 ‎(‎Side‎)‎
  • Simplink ‎(‎HDMI CEC‎)‎‎:‎ Yes
  • eARC / ARC ‎(‎Audio Return Channel‎)‎‎:‎ ARC ‎(‎HDMI 1‎)‎
  • USB‎:‎ 2 ‎(‎Side‎)‎
  • LAN‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎Rear‎)‎
  • Component‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎Rear‎,‎ Component in/AV in common‎)‎
  • Composite In ‎(‎AV‎)‎‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎Rear‎,‎ Component in/AV in common‎)‎
  • RF In‎:‎ 2 ‎(‎Rear‎,‎ RF/Sat‎)‎
  • SPDIF ‎(‎Optical Digital Audio Out‎)‎‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎Rear‎)‎
  • Wifi‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎802.11ac‎)‎
  • Bluetooth‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎V5.0‎)‎

Smart Function

  • Operating System ‎(‎OS‎)‎‎:‎ webOS Smart TV
  • Number of CPUs‎:‎ Quad
  • Magic Remote Control‎:‎ Ready
  • Quick Access‎:‎ Yes
  • Universal Control‎:‎ Ready
  • 360° VR Play‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎Only Moving Youtube‎)‎
  • LG Content Store‎:‎ Yes
  • DIAL‎:‎ Yes
  • Web Browser‎:‎ Yes
  • Music Player‎:‎ Yes
  • Mobile TV On‎:‎ Yes
  • Wi‎-Fi TV On‎:‎ Yes
  • Bluetooth Low Energy On‎:‎ Yes
  • Network File Browser‎:‎ Yes
  • Block access to harmful site‎:‎ Yes
  • Hotel Mode‎:‎ Yes

Broadcasting System

  • Digital TV Reception‎(‎Terrestrial‎,‎Cable‎,‎Satellite‎)‎‎:‎ Yes DVB‎-T2/C/S2
  • Terrestrial‎:‎ DVB‎-T2
  • Cable‎:‎ DVB‎-C
  • Satellite‎:‎ Yes DVB‎-S2
  • Analog TV Reception‎:‎ Yes
  • Data Broadcasting ‎(‎Country Spec‎)‎‎:‎ Yes
  • Teletext Page‎:‎ Yes
  • AD ‎(‎Audio Description‎)‎‎:‎ Yes
  • EPG ‎(‎8days‎)‎‎:‎ Yes


  • Power Supply‎:‎ AC 100~240V 50‎-60Hz
  • Standby Power Consumption‎:‎ Under 0.5W


  • Remote‎:‎ Ready
  • Battereis‎:‎ AAA x 2EA‎(‎Magic AA x 2EA‎)‎
  • Power Cable‎:‎ Yes ‎(‎TV Detached‎)‎

Additional Feature

  • Time Machine ‎(‎DVR‎)‎‎:‎ Yes
  • Digital Recording‎:‎ Yes
  • Analog DVR‎:‎ Yes
  • Time Shift‎:‎ Yes
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